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Thank you for helping to discover my family story

I have been working on my family tree for over 15 years and I got to a point where I could not progress any further. I met with Naomi and immediately she showed me so many more routes for research and we have been able to progress much further back than I ever imagined. Thank you Naomi for being a pleasure to work with and helping to discover my (and so many more people's) family story.

Sophie Unger
Brighton, UK

A delight to work with

Your energy, enthusiasm and professionalism in undertaking my family research was exemplary. I spoke about you to many people, including friends and family who all expressed an interest in contacting you for their own purposes.

R. Brass
Sydney, Australia

You unlocked a door for our family...

Naomi unlocked a door for our family. What we found behind it was beyond our greatest hopes. From knowing only the name of my great-grandfather, we now have many details about him and his 8 siblings, their parents and even their grandparents.

With Naomi’s help, I have contacted about 20 new family members, all distant cousins who had no idea there were more of us. We’re all in touch now on a private Facebook group and we’ve had video calls. Stories and photos are emerging every week, filling in more details about the descendants of these Polish Jews who emigrated to America in the late 1800s.

Madelyn Postman
Buckinghamshire, England

Highly recommended

I gave Naomi a rough outline of what I knew about my family. What I didn't expect was the wealth of information that she came back with. Absolutely thorough and professional, Naomi is brilliant; I can't recommend her highly enough.

N. Woolley

You do such amazing work

Naomi, I just wanted to say, you do such amazing work.  I have been recommending you to everyone I know. I am really thankful for all the work you have done.  It’s been fascinating to discover a bit more of my history, albeit frustrating at how hard its been. But you are very talented.  If I make it to Israel then a HUGE part of that being fulfilled has been the hard work you have done. 

L. Merchant

Moved to tears

I just thought that I would let you know that your parcel including Russell's family tree arrived today. We have spent this afternoon reading it all and we have found it fascinating.  In fact the army report referring to [his grandfather] Horace's death reduced us both to tears as we found it so moving. There were also some surprises relating to both sides of his family.  Thank you again for all your work.

L. Hayes


I'm stunned. I don't know what I expected but already I'm amazed... and you say we have just begun to scratch the surface. Thank you.

R. West

Amazing work!

With very sketchy information and limited confidence having attempted this earlier myself, I was absolutely amazed at what Naomi was able to achieve. In no time at all she had located some missing family, whom we are about to meet for the first time! She amassed so much information, filling in some blanks in our family tree. We can't thank you enough Naomi and I will tell anyone who wants to know, I can't recommend you highly enough!

J. Banwell
Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex

Long lost family

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and giving me closure, I just wish my father had lived long enough to hear his brother's story.  Thank you so so much.

D. Woods
Worthing, West Sussex

Achieved the impossible

I sent Naomi a mishmash of information from various sources that had been in my possession for over a decade, following the death of an unknown relative who died intestate. I asked Naomi to check and add to this detail, which necessitated her accessing American as well as UK records. She achieved what I had long thought to be impossible, and recorded all this detail on one page! This means I can send a cherished American relative a full family tree displaying his roots back to Wigan in 1787. I am sure he will love it as much as I do. A wonderful record of our family to be enjoyed by current and future generations on both sides of the Atlantic. Thank you.

J. Roughley

A new lease of life and a great gift

We will always be grateful to Naomi for bringing the American and English sides of our family together. Naomi subsequently looked into another branch of family, with very little information from us. The results of this gave our 89-year old Aunts the name of their grandfather and their Polish family history back to 1776! It is no exaggeration to say that Naomi's research has given our Aunts new lease on life and all the family a great gift. Thank you.

L. Gould
Chingford, Essex

Unmatched expertise

Naomi is AMAZING... I have been engaged in genealogical research for 45 years, and in all my years of research, rarely have I come across someone who works with such a high degree of professionalism, efficiency and speed. Her level of expertise in the UK is unmatched.

M. Denn
Dallas, Texas

Finding my birth mother

Just to let you know, all your information was spot on. I have been in contact with my birth mother, we have exchanged letters and spoken on the telephone. She told her husband about me before she married and told her children some years ago. I plan to visit her in August. Thank you so very much for finding her for me.

Extraordinary research

I couldn't be more delighted with the extraordinary research that Naomi has been able to do on my family. Both the sheer number of generations that she has been able to trace, plus the colour and interest that she has brought to their stories, are truly impressive. Highly recommended and we will definitely do some more digging in due course!

C. Lenson

We are over the moon

We received the package on Saturday, and we are SO pleased with it. You have done such a fantastic job, it is very beautifully presented and we are over the moon with it. It is much better than we ever expected and so interesting. My daughter is fascinated by the whole thing and feels very special being the last person on the list! History is one of her favourite subjects at school and wants to take the copy of it into school to show her teacher. She has been learning about the Industrial Revolution and Victorian workhouses etc and it has really captured her. She told her friend she wants to be a genealogist when she grows up.

W. Taylor
Ilford, Essex

It went down a storm

The research package for my mother in law went down a storm, thank you.  She couldn’t wait to phone her sister up and inform her of the family history. It was a pleasure to see her so happy. Thank you for your help and in such a short time frame.

M. Hitchcock

A must for any professional writer

When starting research on a real-life story from 20th century Prussia, I realised I didn't know where, or how, to begin. My task has been made infinitely less daunting by Naomi and Research Roots. They have a superb grasp of European genealogy and offer smart, informed & clear-headed advice. Any professional writer attempting to unpick and reweave real-life histories should give Naomi a call and make their own job a thousand times easier.

Neil Jaworski, screenwriter

Supremely well received

Probably the best present I've ever given.  It was supremely well received.

R. Womack

So important to celebrate your heritage

Thank you for a great one-to-one session on my family history and for helping me take the first steps in tracing my roots. It is so important to celebrate and value your heritage, and to pass this on to the next generation. But it also helps you understand a deeper side of yourself.  So interesting!  I really enjoyed it.

A. Koh
Brighton, East Sussex


WOW, you're a real ancestry star investigator!

H. Klein
Chigwell, Essex

This meant a lot to me

Thanks to your sheer determination and hard work over a long period of time, you were able to give me information about my family's past in Malaya which I did not know about and give me closure. This meant a lot to me.

R. Barlow
Perth, Western Australia

A real Ariadne for people lost in the labyrinth!

You're very good at what you do and I wish you great success with it. You're offering a great service to people who want to know about their ancestors but who are put off by the complications of the process. You're a real Ariadne for people lost in the labyrinth of the National Archives!

E. Lawson
Brighton, East Sussex

I haven't had this much fun in years...

This is all so fascinating, I love the pictures. I have sent them to my family. They are equally as fascinated. I want to continue working with you. I haven't had this much fun in years! I am so intrigued by this research, and we've only just begun.

S. Rapkin
Boston, Massachusetts


Everyone is so excited to hear of our family in London and the opportunity for my mom to meet her first cousins. This is so much more than we could have wished for. So remarkable!!

S. Rapkin
Boston, Massachusetts

It's pretty amazing what you did...

It's pretty amazing what you did. When a friend starts a business, one is hopeful but never fully aware what it involves - the kosherness... But it's ace - the presentation, the discovery, the appeal - all of us loved it. One for the family to have forever.

J. Stewart
Los Angeles, California

I am going crazy with all of this!

I am going crazy with all of this.  I was a normal person before I met you but I'm so glad I did...

F. Hirsch
Yorktown Heights, NY

Tireless and creative research

Naomi [at Research Roots] was a tireless and creative researcher. She unearthed information which my family had not been able to find in several years of research, and in a relatively short space of time. She also suggested new avenues for us to explore which had not occurred to us before, and she was unstinting in the amount of effort she devoted to our search. I could not recommend her more highly.

H. Harvey
New York

The best Christmas present under the tree this year

Without doubt, the best Christmas present under the tree this year was from Research Roots! My Dad was both surprised and touched to open a box containing a comprehensive family tree, newspaper articles, birth certificates and census records; all beautifully presented. I have no idea how Naomi manages to find all this information! I cannot recommend Research Roots enough; Naomi complied this gift swiftly and has made suggestions for further areas to explore. I don't think Dad's Christmas present next year will come as too much of a surprise!

S. Finch

You bring families together...

Just wanted you to know that my cousin 'friended' me.  We have not spoken in years.  This is exactly what you do.  You bring families together.

F. Hirsch
Yorktown Heights, New York

Stunning work

Thank you so very, very much indeed for all of your hard work. What results! And no-one could have done it better or more thoroughly than you. I've quickly been through all the materials, but will spend much more time over the coming days digesting and enjoying. You are a true star, and I had no idea at all how far and deep you could go into my family history. You work is just stunning, a million thanks.

D. Chambers QC

What a result!

Thank you for researching a school memory which was always on my mind. You traced a person from 45 years past, and WHAT A RESULT! Answered everything I wanted to know. Thank you.

P. Houghton
Lancing, Sussex

The perfect family gift

Research Roots did a wonderful job of researching my mother's family tree. The result is a highly detailed and fascinating account that has delighted both my mother and my grandfather. It is the perfect family gift.

J. Stockham

Thank you doesn't seem to fit so I will say God bless you

First and foremost, thank you very much. I have no doubt at all about this information you have sent me, I'm 100% sure these are my grandparents. The part about my grandfather being sent to Chelmno was the shocker to me and never occurred to me until now that he was sent to his death by the Nazis... when I looked this up in Wikipedia it saddened me to read what was done to human beings in this camp. I'm sure that David, Nina, Stefan and Marie Lewkowicz dwell in the house of the Lord. After many many years of wanting to know, the mystery is now over with your help. Thank you.

A. Lewkowicz
Dixon, California

Amazed by the detail

Naomi [at Research Roots] prepared a family tree for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary and they were delighted with the result. She discovered old photographs, newspaper cuttings and army records, and we were all amazed by the amount of detail that she amassed in the short time we gave her. My wife is now thinking of doing the same for her parents.

M. Bowden
Brighton, East Sussex

An unexpected and unique present

My daughters think I am "the man who has everything"; it is not true, but I am working on it. For my 60th birthday I invited them all to join me for a break in a Portuguese villa, and was delighted to be presented with my family tree. It was an unexpected and unique present, and very well received. I was delighted at how much you had managed to find of a subject that had, until then, been largely a closed book to me. We will be back for more of the details...

M. Symonds
Utrecht, Holland

Knowledge, resourcefulness and attention to detail second to none

Naomi managed to piece together enough information in the course of one afternoon, to solve a family mystery I had been struggling with for years. Her knowledge, resourcefulness and attention to detail are second to none, and she manages to combine complete professionalism with a real passion for the material she is researching. It’s been an amazing journey of discovery, and I can’t think of anyone else I would have wanted to lead me on it.

C. Glover

The whole process has completely exceeded our expectations

Naomi initially agreed to research our family history for my father's 60th birthday present.  We were both so impressed with her speed and in particular depth of detail, we have since used Research Roots to continue our research.  Naomi is always friendly and professional and definitely knows her stuff!  We have made some amazing discoveries that would never have come to light if it was not for Naomi's passion and advice.  The whole process has completely exceeded our expectations.  I would thoroughly recommend Research Roots to anyone.

T. Houghton
Lancing, Sussex

A bespoke birthday present for the man who has everything!

I wanted to get in touch to thank you for all your help with the family tree research. When I initially got in touch, I was looking for a bespoke and personal 60th birthday present for 'the man who has everything' and was not disappointed. I was thrilled with the comprehensive write up you provided and really impressed that you managed to find so many previously unseen photos and documents to supplement the research.  Best of all, the family tree package was beautifully presented and perfect for showing off to family and friends. I will definitely be coming back for the other branches!

H. Symonds

Thrilled and overjoyed

Thank you for sending my family tree so quickly. Wow! I am so impressed with all your research and how wonderfully it is presented. My family and I are overjoyed with it. I am so thrilled with the results of your search and your hard work.  I certainly would like to delve further into the history and will definitely be in touch to find out more! My husband is just as excited about this as I am, and we would like to trace his family tree when mine is complete.  Thank you once again for a wonderful piece of research.

V. Gardener
Bridgwater, Somerset


Naomi at Research Roots was excellent.  The work on my family tree was fantastic.  I found out a lot about my family that was a complete mystery.  I was particularly impressed with the research done on my mother's family, about which very little was known, as all the older generation have passed away.  I have recommended Research Roots to several friends.  Thank you once again.

B. Clark
East Yorkshire

A mitzvah!

What you have done for us all is a mitzvah.

R. Paskin-Hamilton
Santee, California

Top class service

Research Roots is simply the best in the business. Their work on my family tree was fantastically thorough, impeccably researched and beautifully presented. I'm going back for more. Top class service at excellent value for money. Thank you.

D. Chambers QC

A pleasure to work with

Excellent service. I have now used Research Roots in a few estates and Naomi has proven to be quick, efficient, cost-effective and most importantly successful in finding beneficiaries we were unable to trace. A pleasure to work with.

Amanda Eade
Humphrey & Co

Missing executor found overseas in 24 hours

I asked Research Roots to locate a missing executor of a Will to enable the administration of the estate to proceed. None of the family new the whereabouts of the executor other than that she had moved abroad some years ago. I was absolutely amazed when 24 hours after asking Naomi [Leon] to assist not only had she been able to locate our missing executor but had provided us with a full postal address, telephone number and email address. I would have no hesitation in using Research Roots for future work and recommending it to others in a similar predicament.

Doug Murray
Adams & Remers


Fantastically detailed, accurate and informative research.  Thank you so so very much...I'm really delighted. You are, without doubt, at the very top of your game.

D. Chambers QC
Maitland Chambers, Lincoln's Inn

Pleasantly surprised

I approached Research Roots to locate a missing beneficiary and was pleasantly surprised when Naomi was able to locate the person in question within 24 hours at a fraction of the cost I had been quoted elsewhere. I will be using Naomi for all such work in the future and would urge others to do the same.

Highly successful

Your information was highly successful. I managed to contact one of the [beneficiaries you identified]... and now have instructions in connection with the administration of the estate. It worked out very well and I am grateful to you for the way you dealt with this and the speed. Thank you.

Jackie Alexander
Mayo Wynne Baxter

Most efficient

I had approached a well known London title investigation firm [in relation to a missing beneficiary to a Will] and they gave what I thought was a very excessive quote for what was required. Naomi carried out my request at a reasonable price and within two days of my request. She was most efficient.

A friendly and efficient service at a very reasonable price

We asked Research Roots to locate a sole beneficiary to an estate after previous attempts had failed. They were able to do this quickly with minimum information available. They provided us with a friendly and efficient service at a very reasonable price. We were very satisfied.

Katherine Miller
Renaissance Legal

So important to celebrate your heritage

Thank you for a great one-to-one session on my family history and for helping me take the first steps in tracing my roots. It is so important to celebrate and value your heritage, and to pass this on to the next generation. But it also helps you understand a deeper side of yourself.  So interesting!  I really enjoyed it.

A. Koh
Brighton, East Sussex

A real Ariadne for people lost in the labyrinth!

You're very good at what you do and I wish you great success with it. You're offering a great service to people who want to know about their ancestors but who are put off by the complications of the process. You're a real Ariadne for people lost in the labyrinth of the National Archives!

E. Lawson
Brighton, East Sussex

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