Welcome to Research Roots’ brand spanking new blog.

My name is Naomi Leon and I am a family historian and probate researcher in Sussex.  I founded Research Roots, an independent research company based in Brighton, to pursue my passion for genealogy and other types of research.

Tracing my own family history has taken me from shtetls in provincial Poland to the streets of London’s Jewish East End.  I’ve accompanied my ancestors on freezing voyages through Arctic waters to revolutionary Russia, carrying messages to the Kremlin and dying in freezing lands of gunshots and tuberculosis.  I’ve been with them as they peddled their wares in unfamiliar languages in the markets of West London to put food in their children’s mouths, and sewed and cut and measured into the wee small hours by gaslight. I’ve travelled with them in steerage as they made their way across the Atlantic and through Ellis Island towards the great American dream.  I’ve shared their trepidation as they boarded vessels taking them to a new life in Israel.  I’ve seen them endure unbelievable suffering and tragedy, and achieve the most unimaginable things.

It has been the most extraordinary journey so far, and best of all, it’s not over…

I hope this blog will encourage you to journey into your own family’s past, and provide practical tips and information that will help you along the way.  I will also blog a selection of the many varied stories, images and experiences I encounter in the course of my work.

Please email me with questions, share the blog with your friends and family and get in touch if Research Roots can help assemble the pieces of your family jigsaw.

Happy hunting!

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  1. stuart andré

    i just wanted to say naomi how inspiring i have found your blog. its set me on an obsession to discover my own family history, hopefully with your help in the future

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