Research Roots offers specialist research support to professionals working across the media including academics, writers, directors, film, television and radio producers.

We can help locate and interpret information on a variety of historical and genealogical subjects, carrying out original research in archives on primary sources such as letters, diaries, personal testimonies, local history and other sources. We can produce project-specific reference lists or bibliographies, and organise relevant research material, articles and books.

Whatever your timescale or specific requirements, our research is rigorously produced, fully referenced and designed to save time you time, money and hassle. We will help you make sense of whatever the topic at hand. We can also offer administrative support, where required.


Research Roots is run by researcher and genealogist, Naomi Leon, a Cambridge history graduate with extensive experience of working with academics, authors and filmmakers at a number of top literary talent agencies.

We understand the editorial, deadline and other demands involved in producing literary work, programme- and filmmaking, and can accomodate even the tightest schedule.  We work behind the scenes on a thoroughly flexible basis, according to your needs. All research is conducted to the highest professional standards, well organised, clearly presented (verbally or in writing) and promptly delivered. Industry references are available on request.

Please get in touch to discuss your research project.