We work with an ever-growing network of solicitors and other professionals dealing with probate and contested probate cases.  From a simple forwarding search to complex probate genealogy required to administer a will, we offer a range of time-saving support services.  We can also obtain vital records and other types of family documents, locate Wills and provide quick and easy support in proving the transferability of a Nil-rate band. Whatever your needs, our wide-ranging expertise, professional and flexible approach takes the hassle out of your work.


We help solicitors to find missing beneficiaries to wills and trace the owners of land, shares, pensions and other assets. We also provide probate research in cases of intestacy to identify and locate legitimate heirs to an estate. From the smallest piece of information, we can deliver what you need to know. Using data from a wide variety of sources worldwide, we offer a number of tracing services tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Forwarding Address Search (from £34.99)

A fast, low cost person trace which aims to provide a positive outcome within hours of your initial enquiry.

Single Person Trace (from £74.99)

A more detailed individual search using a wide range of worldwide data sources, suitable if you have the name of the individual you need to locate and a forwarding address search has not delivered a positive outcome.

Probate Genealogy Research (POA)

A comprehensive investigation ideal for complex or overseas cases that cannot be resolved using a forwarding address search or single person trace.

Search for records

Should you need to prove a birth, adoption, marriage, divorce or death, the transferability of a Nil-Rate Band for inheritance tax purposes, or require copies of wills and grants, we can offer a quick and efficient certificate service.Document service (from £19.99)

Suitable if you know the details and date of the event, we retrieve copies of English & Welsh birth, marriage and death certificates, historic grants and wills.

Document search (from £34.99)

Ideal if you do not know the date and place of the event concerned. A document search will first find the record and then provide a copy of the document(s).

Nil-rate band pack (from £59.99)

If an individual, whose spouse or civil partner predeceased them, died after 8th October 2007, it is possible to transfer any unused portion of the predeceasing spouse or civil partner’s Nil-Rate Band to the deceased’s Nil-Rate Band, offering a saving on inheritance tax. We can supply the necessary certification to facilitate this transfer.

Order certificates outside England & Wales

We can also help locate family records outside the British Isles.  Please note however that systems of civil registration vary considerably from country to country.  Sometimes only proven relatives are authorised to obtain records.  Please contact us with your enquiry for an indication of feasibility, timing and cost.

Search for a Will or grant

Our will trace is ideal if you need to locate a will or confirm that you have the most up-to-date version of a will. Let us do the legwork for you. Provided that you have checked the deceased’s personal possessions and paperwork and made initial enquiries with the deceased’s known friends, family and neighbours, we’ll do the rest.

• Carry out relevant searches with the Principal Registry of the Family Division
• Search National Will Register
• Use our databases to make further enquiries with friends, family and neighbours
• Check the deceased’s bank(s) and/or building societies
• Write to solicitors in the area of the deceased’s last known address
• Contact local members of the Institute of Professional Will Writers
• Advertise in the Law Society Gazette and local to the deceased’s last known address
• Monitor the Principal Registry of the Family Division for an application for a grant to the estate


As an independent research company we are able to offer a competitive pricing structure. All fees are agreed in advance of engagement depending on the scale and scope of the research and can be structured on an hourly or fixed fee basis. Fees are inclusive of all costs and disbursements.


We pride ourselves on our professional, efficient and discreet approach. We provide prompt initial proposals for work and regular subsequent reporting. We are always happy to discuss questions or concerns over the phone, and endeavour to visit you in person wherever possible. We like to build relationships and would be pleased to meet you to discuss the services we can offer in advance of any work. Please visit our testimonials page to see what our clients have said about us.

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Please contact us today for a free initial consultation in relation to any of these services.