If you are finding it to decide on the perfect gift or want to give your loved one the flexibility to choose, our personalised gift tokens are an ideal option. Instead of receiving a complete research package as a surprise, a gift token enables the recipient to decide which areas or ancestors in their family history they would like to explore, give us the benefit of what they already know to avoid any duplication and be closely involved in the research as it progresses.  They work equally well for those who knew very little about their family history, and those who already know a lot.

You can purchase a certain numbers of hours worth of research (£40 an hour) or put gift tokens towards any of our packages or products. Our custom tokens are printed on handmade paper, and delivered in a matching envelope to you or the intended recipient directly. Please allow 3 days for standard UK delivery.

We would recommend purchasing at least 5 hours research in the first instance in order to give us the best chance of revealing some new family insights, so some of our customers club together with family and friends to buy as much time as possible. There tends to be a direct relationship in family history between the amount of time spent and the richness of the results!  

Please see our terms of business or contact us for further information.