As genealogists we apply many of the same skills and techniques used to research people in the past to find people in the present. We research living people on behalf of a variety of clients and for many different reasons. We pride ourselves on our professional, discreet and efficient approach and our ability to deliver the answers you need quickly and cost-effectively.


We can help you try to find relatives or even friends you may have lost touch with, or need to contact.  We carry out private client work for a huge range of individuals in different circumstances.

Please note that we are not qualified intermediaries so we are unable to access adoption records, however we would be pleased to provide research assistance if you already have details of the person you are looking for. For the protection of all those involved, the reunion of adults affected by adoption is highly regulated and carefully managed. We always recommend you use a registered adoption agency such as the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) or the Post Adoption Centre (PAC) to access appropriate counselling and intermediary services.


Like many other genealogy companies, we use draw on our expertise as family historians to locate beneficiaries to estates for which it has not previously been possible to find heirs. This type of work known as ‘probate research’ and has been publicised by the BBC television programme ‘Heir Hunters’. Working from a  list of unclaimed estates published by HM Treasury, we look into the family history of the deceased to determine whether there are surviving beneficiaries.

If we have contacted you about an unclaimed estate, please visit INFORMATION FOR HEIRS for further information about next steps.


We work with an ever-growing network of solicitors and other professionals dealing with probate and contested probate cases.  From a simple forwarding search to complex probate genealogy required to administer a will, we offer a range of time-saving support services.  We can also obtain vital and other supporting records, locate Wills and provide quick and easy support in proving the transferability of a Nil-rate band.

Please visit LEGAL SERVICES for further information.