Research Roots is a specialist family history research company based in Sussex. We provide a wide range of genealogical fact-finding services for individuals, companies and organisations all over the world. While all our clients share a common ‘need to know’, each family’s story is different which means no two projects are ever the same.

Whether you would like to find out about a family, a person or an event in the past or in the present, we can help you find the answers you need. With support from a network of experts, we can coordinate bespoke research in the UK and beyond. We offer a unique range of beautifully presented family history packages, custom family tree prints and gift tokens, as well as research by the hour. We also provide specialist research and consultancy services for legal professionalsauthors, academics, film- and programme-makers.

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"Probably the best present I have ever given..."

- Richard Womack, London